VENUE: Rhino Park Airfield, Bronkhorstspruit
EVENT: Team ST/RS – King of the Quarter Mile (KOTQM)
DATE: Sunday, 4 June 2023

COVERING: Drivers, Crew, Team Owners, Sponsors, Advertisers, Property Owners, Managers,
Team ST/RS, Rhino Park Airfield and any participating sponsors/spectators and their members.
Team ST/RS issues this Risk Warning to all persons wishing to participate at the KOTQM Event
conducted by Team ST/RS, Rhino Park Airfield, Affiliated Clubs or Organisations. Participants are
advised that regardless of the precautions taken by reasonable and experienced persons,
participants are exposed to significant risk to damage of property, physical harm and possible


  • The extremes of weather and road conditions.
  • The potential that control of the vehicle may be lost, resulting in a collision with objects and
    other vehicles, which may result in injury.
  •  The possibility that participants may be injured by equipment and/or vehicles.
  • The absence of immediate medical care and the likelihood that delays may occur before
    medical care is available.


  • I accept that participating in this event may be dangerous.
  • I accept that as a Participant or as an Official, I will have access to areas denied to the
    public, where the risks of injury or death are present.
  • I have examined and made myself aware of the racing venue, safety equipment, safety
    facilities and any other aspect of the venue and I am satisfied and accept the risks that exist
    in this environment.

 If at any time I consider the course or sections of the venue to be unsafe, I will voluntarily
withdraw from participating in the event.
 I understand that the Rules and Regulations and any equipment or inspections required by
those Rules cannot guarantee the safety of my equipment or myself and in some
circumstances may make participation more dangerous.
 I do not reply upon inspection of vehicles and equipment as required under the Rules, to find
any faults with that equipment.
 I understand and agree that my safety is my own responsibility.
 I release Team ST/RS, Rhino Park Airfield, or their Members and its Officials, other
participants and any other associated party, from all liability arising from any injury or loss
arising from my participation in this event and I have advised my family and heirs of this.
 Neither I, nor my family or heirs will take Legal Proceedings against Team ST/RS, Rhino
Park Airfield, or their members or the Affiliated Club or Officials of either, other participants
and any other associated party for any injury or loss I may suffer because of my participation
in this event.
 I understand that I may be giving up certain legal rights by signing this declaration and if I
wish, I may obtain advice from my own lawyers.
Team ST/RS advises participants that regardless of best intentions, safety crews may be unable to
render assistance to participants who are in distress.

Participants are further advised to consider the above risks and any other risks before deciding to
participate in any Team ST/RS sanctioned event conducted by Team ST/RS, Affiliated Clubs or
Organisations. Any participant of the KOTQM Event who considers they have a need for insurance
must make their own private arrangements with an insurer.

In so far as I, at any time, make use of, or drive any vehicle, of which I am not the owner, I warrant
that I have the owner’s permission to drive such vehicle and that I am duly authorised on behalf of
the owner to furnish the Indemnities given above on behalf of the owner of such vehicle as well.
I agree to allow a Doping Control/Alcohol Control Officer, to examine me prior to, during or
following an event, meeting or competition. I further agree to allow a sample of my blood and/or
urine to be taken for laboratory analysis by The Doping/Alcohol Control Officer concerned to
determine the presence of alcohol or prohibited drugs as listed in the Anti-Doping Code in
accordance with the procedure for testing as prescribed WADA.
I agree that the Official of the event be at any time allowed to refuse me entry to such an event, it I,
in any way fail in my behaviour or attitude to meet the safety standard pertaining to the safety of
the group.

I have read the Risk Warning on this page and I am aware of the risks involved in participating in
any sanctioned event conducted by Clubs or Organisations affiliated with Team ST/RS. I also
understand my ability to seek compensation for any injury, damage or loss, sustained by myself or
any minors in my care will be limited by virtue of my knowledge of and voluntary assumption of the
associated risks.

By signing and providing the following information, I agree to participate at this event, and I
understand and accept the risks, associated and set out in this Risk Warning.